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Welcome to the World of Gate City Cigars, The next generation in the cigar industry. We are employed by just two seasoned BOTL, having dramatically different palettes which will benefit the consumer at all levels. We aren't here to reinvent the wheel. We wont tell you we are from Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras or even the Dominican Republic, but we have traveled enough and are cultured in a way that we understand how to make a good product, and more importantly keep it at a good price. We pride this company on no frills, no gimmicks, no stories about tobacco hidden since Columbus sailed the ocean blue. We are here taking the time to sample products, tweak blends, meet with top level growers and manufactures, and come up with cigars we think the world will enjoy.

Your feedback will greatly enhance our product. These comments will go directly to our manufacturers so we can design a cigar the way YOU want it. Life is short, responsibilities are ever growing. When you have the free time to sit back, relax and grab a cigar, we want to be there with you during this experience. This is our purpose, this is our motto, let's begin the journey together.....

Mike and Pano


Gate City is officially on the Map!! Calle Mayor Black and Red Label are the newest offering from New Hampshires next big thing. These Nicaraguan Puros are the epitome of Rare and Boutique. After sampling many blends and tweaking the final product according to our customers requests, 1000 cigars of each blend were chosen as our official release into the Premium World. When you taste these blends you will truly enjoy the fruits of this painstaking process. Each cigar band has been hand placed by us, then boxed, dressed with broadleaf trimmings, tied with a bow, stamped and placed on the shelf. We take pride in our product and can assure you that every cigar was hand inspected for quality and consistency.

Just Launched : Trinacria - Nicaraguan Puro :It has taken 1 year of blending to create the Trinacria. The latest installment from Gate City and our 1st National release. Cloaked in a gorgeous brown Habano wrapper from Jalapa, the Trinacria immediately opens up with a smooth dose of black pepper. We selected the Jalapa Habano for its sweet and aromatic qualities. A double binder holds together this Nicaraguan Puro. We were able to delicately balance the power of Esteli with additional tobacco from Jalapa, allowing the balance of strength and flavor to marry perfectly. To keep the full flavor that our clients requested we added two types of filler tobacco. 2 separate crops from Esteli and one from Condega. The Condega tobacco enhanced the strength and sweetness for that unique taste you wont find in another cigar. The Trinacria Series was designed to be an entertaining smoke, to be enjoyed during the day or paired with your favorite spirit in the evening.

If you would like to purchase any of our products please refer our website to your local B+M. Thank you for continuing the journey with us.



Nov 2013 - By Cigarvita.com

My first impressions of this stick are great. Its wrapped in a gorgeous glove soft Habano wrapper. No imperfections, minimal veins, tight invisible seems. The aroma of this stick is interesting. I’m picking up some kind of spice mixed with a barnyard smell. Very unique. Construction seems flawless. Lets cut it up and get into the first third.

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Nov 2013 - By Cigarcrook.com

CC Rating: 90
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Jalapa
Binder: Nicaraguan Jalapa and Esteli Tobacco(Double Binder)
Filler: Nicaraguan Esteli, Jalalpa and Condega Tobacco

My latest In Depth Cigar Review features a cigar which hails from Gate City Cigars. The Trinicria is the first national release from the relatively new boutique cigar company. The Trinicria is a Nicaraguan Puro which uses tobaccos from Esteli, Condega and the Jalapa Valley regions. The cigar is available in three vitola's including a Robusto (5 1/4x48), Toro (6x52) and a Gordo (6.5x60). All three sizes are available in 10 count wooden boxes.

When looking over the cigars golden brown wrapper, I took note of a visible oil sheen with medium sized veins and virtually no tooth. The pre lit aroma consisted of a simple sweet tobacco and very faint cedar. After cutting and lighting the cigar without any issues, I was greeted with ample amounts of medium bodied smoke and a perfect draw. The first third provided flavours of a sweet tobacco core with hay and peppery cedar notes on the draw with the finish consisting of cedar, leather and hints of peppery coffee. The blend was incredibly smooth with no harshness whatsoever. Reaching the halfway point, I was greeted with draw flavours of creamy semi-sweet coffee with notes of leather and cedar continuing into the finish with the previously mentioned pepper notes vanishing from the profile. The ash was light grey in colour and held on for nearly the entire first half of the cigar and the burn remained razor sharp without ever needing a touch up. Passing the final third and nearing the nub, flavours of creamy coffee and nutty notes became the core flavours with notes of creamy coffee and leather with a returning pepper flavour becoming present on the finish.

After finishing the "Trinicria" in just under an hour, I found myself thinking that it had a very similar flavour profile to the "CyB" offered by "Joya de Nicaragua". With its medium body and mild to medium strength profile, I was impressed with this offering from Gate City Cigars. With the "Trinicria" becoming Gate City Cigars first national release, everyone should be able to find one and give it a try! I would love to hear what your thoughts are of the Trinicria after smoking this well made and well balanced cigar.

Calle Mayor Black

Jan 2013 - By Rich

I first discovered Gate City Cigars a few months ago while searching out new and somewhat off the beaten path brands of cigars that I might be interested in carrying for my business, Bulldogcigars.com.

I noticed them on Twitter, and, after checking their website out, contacted them about carrying some of their product. One of the better moves I’ve made so far…

I received some of their cigars as samples, one of which is the Calle Mayor Black. It is a 6×52 toro sized stick, with a rich, chocolaty brown colored wrapper, a broadleaf maduro to be exact.

I had high expectations due to what I had read on Gate City Cigar’s website and I wasn’t disappointed. This Nicaraguan Puro is chocked full of flavor with a fair amount of body.

The cigar had pre-light aromas of cocoa, some pepper and rich tobacco. It took to the flame with no effort, and I was off to the races…

The first flavors I experienced were similar to the pre-light aromas I had sensed, with cocoa, some coffee, and a wonderful semi sweet sensation all filling my palate and rolling around in my mouth together, creating a really nice, literally mouth watering sensation. This was gonna be fun.

After about 10 minutes, I was only 1/2 inch in, and noticed a dry but nice tobacco taste along with some pepper in the back of the throat. The retrohale was not overpowering but allowed some of the pepperiness to surface and compliment the tobacco flavor I was enjoying.

Now, I’m a real stickler for construction and burn in my cigars…there isn’t much that will drive me nuts and ruin a cigar experience for me than having to babysit and relight and constantly monitor the burnline of a cigar. Let me tell you, this stick, once lit, behaved itself marvelously, needed no babysitting, maintained a perfect burnline the whole duration of the cigar, and, quite simply, was a joy to hold in my fingers.

This cigar was becoming a lot of fun to smoke! It gave off a wonderful blue smoke, plentiful, with an easy, but not too loose draw. I was able to concentrate on the flavors and not the construction…it won the day for me with that feature alone.

About 20 or 25 minutes in, I noticed a slight transition, there developed a kind of black cherry sweetness, not sugary, but just a semi sweet cherry flavor on the back of the tongue that brought a smile to my face.

Later on, I noticed a stronger sense of coffee, almost espresso like, and an oily coating to my mouth, this was really getting good! The ash held firm, I didn’t need to ash it until almost the two inch mark, and did so just so I wouldn’t have it fall on my lap.

Halfway into the 2nd third, I the cigar started giving some leathery notes, with that hint of sweetness in the background…a really tasty combination, with just a hint of pepper on the retrohale.

After about 1 hour, I noticed a creaminess setting in. The cigar was burning razor sharp and cool, and the flavors were, at this point, all coming together, just pulling me along…allowing me to go for the ride and leave my cares behind. Isn’t this part of the magic of a good stick?

Well into the last 3rd, when most cigars are starting to show you the door, this baby throws out another little treat…I picked up hints of citrus along with that bit of sweetness, the coffee was gone at this point, and the palate was being cleansed by a kind of citrus wash…wow…this thing doesn’t give up!

I wound up smoking the Calle Major Black until I was holding it as I would have, for lack of a better word, a roach…( those of you from the 70′s will know what I mean). I finally put it down after almost burning my fingers. It never turned bitter, or hot, and kept giving out great flavor right to the end.

I’m giving this cigar an easy 9 out of 10, due to its perfect construction, wonderful flavors, and perfect smoking experience right down to the nub. I would have issued it a perfect “10″ if the strength had been a little higher, but that’s just my personal preference. I would say this is on the fuller side of a medium to full strength cigar, but not one that will kick you out of your chair and leave you light headed. I paired it with bourbon, and the two together left a satisfied smile on my face.

My hat is off to Mike and Pano, they have worked hard to develop this blend. In talking with Mike it is obvious they are dead serious about producing a quality product. Like some other relative newcomers to the industry, they have set the bar high for themselves with the Calle Mayor Black. These guys are the real deal, and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes forth from their future efforts.

You can find the Calle Mayor Black in the 7 to 8 dollar range, and for that price, you’re gonna love the way this cigar makes you feel, I guarantee it.

September 2012 - By Art Swift

The Calle Mayor Black is a brand new cigar from the Gate City Cigars company, an outfit hailing from Nashua, New Hampshire. Founded by two veteran cigar enthusiasts, Gate City Cigars has burst on the scene in 2012 as the Northeast’s hottest cigar vendor. Their centerpiece is the Calle Mayor Black, a stick measuring approximately 6 inches, with a 52 ring gauge. The wrapper is a broadleaf maduro, also used in several top-shelf brands, including E.P. Carillo.

The cigar itself is a full-bodied masterpiece. Those used to strong, full-bodied cigars are often weary to try new blends for fear of being disappointed. Quite simply, if you’re used to a certain taste and performance when you sit down to smoke a cigar, it is always a risk to sample something new. The Calle Mayor Black, thankfully, does not disappoint. The sign of a strong cigar is how well it maintains its muscle throughout its burn. The Calle Mayor Black starts off a bit spicy, which is welcome to get your attention, and then ascends with a full-throttled peppery taste that keeps you motivated to continue. The aroma is enticing and evocative. It brings to mind some of the blends from Padron and Arturo Fuente, powerful but not overwhelming. Paired with wine, or an after dinner port, the Calle Mayor Black serves as a fine compliment to a satisfying evening, preferably after a meal.

The remarkable quality of the Calle Mayor Black is its final third. The muscle remains right into the final stages, with no drop off or raw taste discovered. This stick keeps your attention to the very end, but unlike certain cigars (namely, Cubans) the Calle Mayor Black does not pack too much power as it concludes. This will not induce a headache or leave any queasiness once the experience is concluded. Instead, you will want to try another blend in the line to compare and contrast tastes. This cigar ranks as one of the top ten new releases of the year. As Gate City Cigars continues to develop, it will likely increase in quality even more. There is room for growth here, as with all major cigar makers (La Flor Dominicana is a prime example of a brand that started out strong, only to achieve grandeur soon after), yet the Calle Mayor Black is one to experience right now.

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